Third Encuentro

2010 NYC Encuentro for Dignity and Against Displacement

Invitation to Third Encuentro

An echo that turns itself into many voices, into a network of voices that, before the deafness of power, opts to speak to itself, knowing itself to be one and many, acknowledging itself to be equal in its desire to listen and be listened to, recognizing itself as different in the tonalities and levels of voices forming it. A network of voices that resist the war that power wages on them.
– Words of the Zapatistas at the "First Intercontinental Encuentro for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism."

An invitation to: Members and families of organizations, community members, and people of good conscience, who are fighting against displacement in their communities across NYC.

From: Movement for Justice in El Barrio

Third NYC Encuentro for Dignity and Against Displacement

Community activists struggle against gentrification in Harlem

Free Speech Radio News

For the past six years in New York, a group made up mostly of Mexican immigrants has been challenging slumlord conditions and gentrification in East Harlem. The group is called Movement for Justice in El Barrio and part of their grassroots organizing has been to connect with communities across the globe who are struggling with the same issues of displacement. The group recently brought together community activists from across the city who are fighting gentrification. Participants from South Africa, Mexico and Haiti also joined the gathering.

Here Comes the Neighborhood

Here, amid the glittering ruins of globalized gentrification's gilded age, a kind of glocal tenants' movement is taking shape, at once locally rooted and globally connective.

On April 6, 2008, a gathering of global dimensions was afoot on the steps of New York's City Hall. You may have missed it at the time. You may have been hard-pressed to find it on the news.