Community activists struggle against gentrification in Harlem

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For the past six years in New York, a group made up mostly of Mexican immigrants has been challenging slumlord conditions and gentrification in East Harlem. The group is called Movement for Justice in El Barrio and part of their grassroots organizing has been to connect with communities across the globe who are struggling with the same issues of displacement. The group recently brought together community activists from across the city who are fighting gentrification. Participants from South Africa, Mexico and Haiti also joined the gathering. FSRN reporter Andalusia Knoll asked attendees about their struggle for dignity and how displacement affects them.

Vox populi

We just heard from Maria Mercado, Nellie Bailey, Josephina Salazar, Dahoud Andre, Paula Serrano, and Javier Genao reflecting on displacement in New York, Mexico and Haiti. This segment was produced and recorded by Andalusia Knoll.