Message from Raul Zibechi

Message from Uruguayan writer Raul Zibechi to the New York Encuentro for Humanity & Against Neoliberalism

Sisters and Brothers:

We are living in very special moments in lives of those from below. In these years the possibility of building a better world, one in which we may live with dignity, is at play. The risks, however, are enormous. Everything suggests that the powerful have opted to conserve their privileges, even if it means jeopardizing the continuation of the human species on this planet.

That is why, when our civilization of money reveals all of its miseries, our hearts return to the experience of indigenous peoples and their forms of life—which are collective, simple, and in dialogue with the earth of which we are a part. They are an inspiration and source of hope.

The Occupy Wall St. Movement is part of that hope!!!

Health and resistance!!!