An Encuentro is a space for people to come together, it is a gathering. An Encuentro is a way of sharing developed by the Zapatistas as another form of doing politics: from below and to the left. It is a place where we can all speak, we will all listen, and we can all learn. It is a place where we can share the many different struggles that make us one.

—words of Movement for Justice in El Barrio

Since 2007, Movement for Justice in El Barrio, a majority women of color, immigrant-led grassroots organization that fights against neoliberal displacement in East Harlem and beyond, has convened several “Encuentros” in New York City. Over the past few years, numerous individuals and organizers representing hundreds of community-based organizations from the U.S., Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, and elsewhere, have participated in these Encuentros to share their struggles against neoliberal displacement.


By Layan Fuleihan. Originally from New York City Indymedia.

On December 4, 2011, Movement for Justice in El Barrio, a grassroots, immigrant-led organization that fights against gentrification and displacement in East Harlem—fights for social justice—hosted the “New York Encuentro for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism.” It was a gathering of about 350 people, of people from all over New York City and different states, young, old, men, women, and children. Many people from Occupy Wall Street were dispersed among community organizers, students, and all the other interested, curious, and passionate people attending.